Making Presentations 101

Structure a presentation around the meaning of what you are trying to convey. Focus on the big picture first and then drill down into the details later, otherwise you may lose the attention of people.

The brain will latch more easily onto patterns between different scenarios because seeing the same thing over and over can make people absorb and perhaps believe.

Keep people awake and attentive by doing something entertaining every 10 minutes of so. You have to get people’s attention as well as keep it.

Remember that only as little as 75% of communication is verbal and as much as 50% of communication is visual.

When using a tool such as PowerPoint slides remember that you should use a single concept per slide. Use pictures, never jumble up slides with too much detail, and if people have to read your slides then you’re losing them.

Keep things simple if you want people to pay attention, learn and remember.

What’s the point? Focus on a central theme and remove all else – at least to begin with.

Multi tasking is foolish and does not work, especially during the delivery of a presentation because it is distracting and as the presenter you can make errors. Also your viewers will feel like you are jumping around and may miss your central point or theme.

The important thing to remember is that you’re trying to get out a message and if people ask you too many questions afterwards, or they are confused as to what you are trying to teach them or tell them, then you probably didn’t do a good job of presenting your material.