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  • The ACLU an Extremist Organization?

    So since when did the ACLU become an extremist organization? Since when did this organization become viewed as a group of extremists? Was Occupy Wall Street an extremist organization in that they were objecting to Wall Street basically stealing everything from Main Street (most of the electorate), which is you and me. Is that at least perhaps how Occupy Wall Street wants people to feel about Wall Street.

    And the ACLU stands for American Civil Liberties Union. Is that Trade Union? No! The acronym ACLU is very different to the phrase Trade Union in that the latter can have all sorts of unpleasant left-wing connotations for some people, sometimes warranted where the case of pre-Thatcher Britain and complete economic control out of the hands of government and industry is important to remember and think about. On the other hand Americans on the right can get a little neurotic about even so much as the concept of trade unions and not even under past Mafia control were US trade unions even close to the power they irresponsibly wielded in pre-Thatcher Britain. So the ACLU is not a trade union and shouldn’t be confused in that general malaise of socialist terminology.

    Why is the ACLU important? What have we forgotten? What have we traded away of our freedom of speech in turn for more security? Privacy is a thing of the past indeed but are we going to hand over our liberty, the thing that that big statue in New York represents, are we handing over our liberty in exchange for a security we have no proof of?

    Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither – Ben Franklin.

    Should we be listening to Ben Franklin? Are impartial organizations like the ACLU an important part of the mix of deciding what is secure and what is not? And if the ACLU is labeled extreme is that a valid perspective as well that should also be taken into account? The ACLU isn’t affiliated with any particular party – they simply advance the concepts of liberty and freedom of speech regardless of opinion – isn’t that the function of organizations like the ACLU?