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  • How to Sell Yourself and Lead Others

    Who are you? What can you do? And what are you going to do for them?

    Always talk to the decision makers because people who don’t make decisions cannot decide to buy, and you will wind up talking shop whilst the decision maker picks your brains and maybe hires someone cheaper.

    When you make a deal do not change or break it ever because reputation for the next deal is very important – always demonstrate integrity because one act of dishonesty can tarnish a life’s work of saying it like it is and delivering on what you say.

    Never beg anyone because it’s like being a stalker, exhibiting desperation and that nobody else wants to buy from you either, and thus why should they.

    If you do not love what you do then find something else that you do love because you have a much better chance of being successful when you like it; and you will be more persistent in the least.

    You have to believe in what you are doing and what you are selling otherwise you are wasting your time. If you do not believe in it then find something that you do believe in.

    If you love and believe in what you are doing then you will find it easier to be passionate about it; passion persuades because it can be emotional and the most primitive and most persuadable parts of the brain and human psychology respond to emotive persuasion.

    Some think it is easier to think strategically (think big) rather than worry too much about the details. You can delegate the details out to specialized experts and save your own time for thinking outside of the box on a more general scale – strategizing is also a large part of good leadership – always consider the bigger picture.

    Good leaders have a knack for surrounding themselves with talented people who can deal with the detailed tasks effectively. So when selling yourself do not expect yourself to know everything, and also accept that you have your own limitations where I don’t know can be an acceptable answer.

    Always plan and budget your incomes and expenses in all aspects of your life from your personal incomes and expenses, to your business cash flows. If you run out of money half way through a process because you have not planned financially, then you may as well have not started in the first place.

    All leaders need to be respected and there are numerous ways to cultivate respect including being a servant leader (serving the people you lead), being an expert in your field, and not asking your people to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself. The best military leaders of antiquity fought with and at the from of their armies. Patton boosted morale in his troops by placing himself in situations under fire and showing no fear .

    When you sell your house, as with anything else, if you price too high nobody will show up to look. If you price too low people might not think there is value in your sale. Pricing a product properly is very hard to do and so research is important (and you can ask the experts).

    When you want to sell something like books or music, or anything else for that matter, you have to know where to target your sales because it is pointless to simply advertise at anyone and everything – targeted marketing is far more effective.

    People will rob you blind when you are managing a project – keep them under tight control if they are outside temporary hired guns – people who are loyal to you can sometimes be more effective long term even if they are not quite as talented; then again sometimes talent that doesn’t come cheap is necessary to get from step A to step B.

    Above all, try to lead persuasively rather than coercively; ask and persuade people – don’t force them. If you encourage and guide then you may well find that the enthusiasm and engagement you get from those following you is far more productive and effective than forcing people to do things. Forcing people to do things even when they like what they do is still less effective. Modern leadership is taught in modern MBA courses in the best business schools as being persuasive, empowering and out of the box – because it just works much better than out dated and no longer as effective coercive leadership.

    Persuasion allows exploitation of all the mental power of both yourself and all of those who follow you – innovate, collaborate, create, think out of the box, empower – use your intellect and remember that one brain (only yours) is always far less effective than many – ALWAYS! Everyone has ideas. If you tell your followers that letting people think for themselves and they make mistakes or you say things like I do all the thinking around here then you might be a bit of a fossil!